Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

From my previous post, I'm pretty sure that you already know how much I love Maroon 5.
Well, Maroon 5 is an American Pop-Rock Band from Los Angeles, California. Haven't heard any Maroon 5's song? How could you...

I started to love Maroon 5 when I was a 10th grader.
One Night, I was listening to 99ers Radio Bandung and Maroon 5's song titled Better That We Break were airing that time. I suddenly fell in love with that song. Because of curiousity, I downloaded some of Maroon 5's song and... Maybe you've know what happened next. Yes!!!!!! I'm officially in love with 'em! I love how their song sounds and I love the way Adam sing. Just.. Wow!
Adam is their lead vocalist, Adam Noah Levine. He is a Jew :-( but I still love him! He is so.. He is so.. He is.. I just can't find the perfect word to describe him. HOT! That! He is so damn sexy, not just his look but also his voice. He has a lot of tatto all over his body and I like his tiger so much. Rawr. From his tweets, @adamlevine, I saw that he has good sense of humor. Who doesn't love a guy with good sense of humor??!?!?! Adam Levine is just too beautiful to be true.
I ain't a good fans actually because I still don't have one of their album. So sad. Doesn't mean I don't want to buy one of their but I think I still have a lot of priority to be filled and I shouldn't be wasteful.

I looove Hands All Over album because they sound more mature. Just love it! So love it! You guys really have to listen all of the songs inside of it, you'll love it too, absolutely.

What I like from Maroon 5 is they are different. Different? Which side? All. Their lyrics, their song, their style, their vocalist voice, etc. But different in a good way, of course.

Speechless. I'm so in love with Maroon 5 till idk what I have to say. Just open my heart and you'll know how muuuch I love Maroon 5.


M5 sin.

P.S: Kaka Aep is gone from school starting next week. Farewell :-) show must go on, huh? Be a train, ka! Train never stops whatever the weather is.

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011


It's my 16th birthday.
Kang Pratama Adi Nugraha, thanks for the Angry Bird doll. It's so cute! Just like me.
Nadhira Anjaina, Anisa Fitria Dewi, Rahmawati Nurfatihah, Lauhatul Jannah, Fadhillah Eka Wardhana, Yuni Ayu Amida and etc, thanks for the birthday cake. I love you! Really really love you!!!!!!
And thanks for the birthday wishes from all of you. May Allah bless you all muaaahs!

P.S: German tomorrow. Dear German PPL, I never understand what you're talking about. Sincerely, Poor Me.
P.P.S: Dear God of Math, I HATE TRIGONOMETRI. Sincerely, Stupid Me.