Senin, 26 April 2010

Ssttt! :)

not expected this soon if we want to graduate. it means all of my friends are going to start a new story in high school. I want to very quickly pass, and who continue their education to higher levels. but there's something that makes me not really willing to leave the middle school, and this is just because a guy. you do not need to know the name of that guy who, but that you could know, he's really awesome! indeed there is one thing that I did not like from him, he's addicted to very similar things, and so indifferent that he does something, he gets not really care about the people around him. I want to really say to him if I love him, but I did not dare. because I am fat! for all bloggers, do you have any tricks or ways to express our affection for someone? but in a way not to demean women in the eyes of that guy. please contact me here: or by facebook:
please pray for me! If I'm lucky, me and him are going to school at the same school. BOIIING!
thank you so much, guys! :)

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