Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

Zombie Disease Is In The House

Good morning guys! Do you know what time is it? Yes, it's 03.28 a.m. Fyi, I have to go to school at 06.30 a.m because I'll attend a seminar. Actually, I don't really want to go but it's a responsibility. Yes, I am a member of Student Organization. *ocassion*

I don't know why, every holiday night I always got this zombie disease. Feels like Insomnia but it isn't. I sleep in the noon. Yes, it's absolutely a zombie disease. Please! Is there anybody here who has the cure of zombie disease?! I really really need help. My friend, Steven, starts calling me zombie because of my habits lately. Ergh.. Kinda frustrating.

1. You can't sleep in the night
2. You never feel sleepy in the night
3. You always sleep when the sun is up. In other word, noon.
4. You're getting lazy for take a bath. Wait.. I think that's just for me. That's my habit every holiday HaHaHa =))

It's kinda annoying when you realized that everybody is sleeping, dreaming about their crush and etc but you're not! You can't! You keep try and try to close your eyes but seems like they just don't want to.

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