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1. ALIAS (Season 1, Season 4 / 5, Serial TV)
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Had one episode (21) bersetting in Bali, in downtown Denpasar. The closest similar Bali cewe just pretend that brought together the heads of fruit. Sidney story (Jen Garner) more disguised so the bali (so irregulars) trus ketemu shark was looking for perfume! Trus in season 4 ato 5 so there is also called Jakarta Project. Another episode trus story there is also the Indonesian embassy was bombed, Indonesia diceritain here have a dangerous chemical weapon.

Anaconda sequel tells of a group of scientists on an expedition to search for a rare blood orchid that is believed to make youth. Orchid is located in an extremely remote location is filled with flora and fauna of the weird, and of course the Anacondanya own number and size is very unusual. If nothing else, one might think that setting located in the interior of Africa or the Amazon Basin is famous untouched by humans. But, yes it is mentioned that the end of the world is Borneo (Kalimantan), but the ridiculous condition of flora and fauna instead describe amazon jungle. Trus told Mandranang along the River from the New City (though not a river mandranang) trus
New City tuh the Sea Island South Kalimantan on Borneo mainland instead. Trus is the song that there Iwa K Nombok Donk.

3. AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (classic version, not the version of Jackie Chan)
http://www.plong.com/MusicCatalog% 5CCor% 5CC% 20Fijneman% 20 &% 20Norman% 20Mark% 20 -% 20Around% 20the% 20World% 20in% 2080% 20Days% 5CCor% 20Fijneman% 20 &% 20Norman% 20Mark% 20 -% 20Around% 20the% 20World% 20in% 2080% 20Days.jpg
Diceritain there before they leave, they choose which countries addressed through brochures in travel agents. One of the brochures on Bali. In the film practically reply Bali is an island paradise with the open-chested women. At least not this just like the diceritain same in his book Adrian Vickers, Bali: A Paradise Created on tourist brochures on Bali's first same contrived Dutch travel agents in 1914. Well, so the brochure is in the movie
sense. remember the movie classic as well.

There are scenes in this movie when his girlfriend was seriously ill and would die, says Richard Gere core kalo pengen ngajakin he still had his girlfriend around the world and Bali in-sebut2.

5. BATS (1999)
Again, Indonesia "involved" in an experiment keblinger. The bats are used as experimental material by the government in this movie turn into a ferocious animal and attacked the town. Want to know where these bats? Yes, Indonesia. Even the two bats that become "stars" in this film are taken directly from our country.

6. Baywatch (TV series)
In one episode of the Pamela Anderson said "I want to holiday in Bali".

7. BETTY LA FEA (TV series)
In one episode, the boss had ordered the Betty to Indonesia.

8. BOSTON PUBLIC (TV series)
There is a scene when one of the school students who were illegal immigrants from Indonesia named Sri, castingnya's oriental face, including his father. Fitting the teacher came to their safe house, open the door greeting pake "Who's that?" Hehehe ....

9. BRAINDEAD (1992)
This is the movie before Peter Jackson famous. Braindead aka Dead Alive a gruesome horror comedy and detestable. Virus originated from the apes of Sumatra.

Any news on tv Jakarta collapse (the collapse of the world's reply, sticking follow-up trus Jakarta deh).

11. Commander in Chief (TV series) (2006)
The film is in one episode to tell U.S. President Geena Davis (actor Mackenzie Allen, the first U.S. woman president) to help Indonesia's president ordered the military to fight terrorists who settled in Kalimantan-Sarawak border. The battle occurred under a military Letjend wrote in charge of the military elite forces (called a "ranger") as well as the U.S. elites to help quell the terrorists who also ngomporin separatist movement, where the mob was trying to cross the border in Kalimantan-Sarawak. Debate occurred on board the U.S. Senate in the delivery of these elite troops,
even as the Senate rejected President of Indonesia assumes the ability to solve this problem without U.S. assistance. But the various interests such as the U.S. scientist who joined the terrorist disandra specific agenda diam2 U.S. government's reply was to send U.S. troops to Indonesia with the approval of the president of Indonesia. In addition, there are scratch espionage agents sent to help the TNI and the U.S. elite forces group provides detailed info to crush these terrorists are
speaks fluent Indonesian. Even when heavy fighting lasted many Indonesian dialogue is quite strong here

12. CSI (TV series)
The film series had mentioned the Indonesian-style coffee is Kopi Luwak.

When there are many bodies of people chained in the bottom of the sea, Lt. Cane same discussion temen colleagues, "What happened here reply, This is not the way the pirates used to Indonesia and the Mafia .."..

In this film Takagi, the entrepreneur who has Nakatomi Plaza, will make the oil refinery business in Sumatra or Java.

15. Devil's Advocate
In this film, Al Pacino sempet anything about arms trade in Jakarta.

16. Dunston Chek IN (1990s)
Comedy film which tells a little boy and his monkey accidentally wrote intelligently managed foil robbery at the Hilton Hotel, and in return they are allowed a free vacation at the Hilton Bali. That makes strange is that even though the atmosphere is Bali, the complete
with beach and palm tree and other shades of Bali, but the people are all wearing a kimono and Japanese language!

17. Dynasty (TV series) (1980)
In jadul TV series (in TVRI), is Carrington etc. Black. Linda Evans story went to Denpasar Bali. The funny thing is the pictures taken there Balinya not, just picture the hotel building there in America who said in Bali.

Bracelet that he wears came from Indonesia.

19. Friday The 13th
In this movie there are scenes when displayed in the warehouse there is a mask leak Bali.

20. Gilmore Girl season 4.
So in episode 3 diceritain little about Indonesia and typical food.

Alternating called Jakarta Indonesia ato ato Bali. Whether the process where the plane passed through the area, criminals escaped to there, vacation there, etc..

Hong Kong action film that endingnya in Indonesia. The last duel between the hero and villain at the top of Mount Bromo. (And it disebutin klo emang Mount Bromo Indonesia)

Hong Kong Film jadul bgt about couples who honeymoon in Jakarta. Shooting at Ancol gt 90s, weird. So, there are scenes of the couple the couple fled the area in the City trus nyampe2 Soekarno-Hatta Airport. In this movie some people crew2nya Indonesia.

24. House (TV series)
Film Series at Starworld. The Doctor House again ngobatin sick child really pretty much the same doctor, about this, "this sick child must have lived in Indonesia".

25. I NOT STUPID (2002)
This Singapore film director Jack Neo. In this movie pembokat family of Indonesia, called Yati, clever English.

Film about surfing from Hawaii to Bali. At that time there was a young peselancar2 of American nyoba all imaginable waves in the world. At that time in Lombok / Bali, the story they ketangkep Indonesian police, police trus bribed by "shaking hands with nempelin money into the hands of the police". Deh escape them.

27. INTO THE WILD (Cartoon)
In this cartoon film, a reporter of mammals, often ngeliput animals around the world, one of them ever been to Indonesia. Even the apes (the Darwinian) which ngikutin they didapet of Borneo (Kalimantan).

In this film portrayed the picture of the gold bars Balinese dancers. Gold in the italian job is the story came from gold mines in Indonesia. Maybe in the movie not too specific, but in the trailer, the narrator calls this reply is taken from the gold mines in Indonesia

Korean film is the story about the theft of money in the bank, terakir2nya
perampoknya to flee to Jakarta.

30. Jumanji (1995)
Dangerous game played by Robin Williams is, in one scene is told that he was brought back to reality with rags and behaving like mentally ill people who endanger the environment. Durnst Kirsten told the police that Williams was the uncle who came from Indonesia, so the police did not arrest him. Jumanji game itself is described from Borneo, which overlaid Kirsten said Dunts gini "Sounds like Indonesian name".

31. K-9 (Serial TV)
Film series on the unit in the police sniffer dogs, there was the culprit fled the scene to Jakarta trus one character says "I do not even know where the hell Jakarta is"

32. KING KONG (1933 and 2005)
Starring Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts and Jack Black, Indonesia is described as a middle of nowhere is primitive and backward, which is far far away, which is inhabited by rare animals and nicknamed King Kong natives who are barbarians, on Skull Island (Skull Island), is depicted in the west of Sumatra. Ship was also named "Soerabaja", written in the stern of the ship. While filming on the island was made in the area of southern Thailand and in Lyall Bay, Wellington. And reply to see the map listed in the movie King Kong, Skull Island was none other than the island of Nias.

The film is about an act of terrorism in Saudi Arabia and told the threat of the radical group the flow of funds flowing to Jakarta.

34. Krakatoa: EAST OF JAVA (1969)
Here the film one of the locations and times yes ... the title should be "Krakatoa, East of Java"

The Brad Pitt told migrate to various places including Sumatra and Java. Even he can pig teeth necklace from Java.

36. Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)
In one scene, Danny Glover swore with his trademark expression, "this stupid ship made by one who comes from Indonesia". Well, ngeselin banget ya. The story of immigrants who are smuggled china pake ship diatasnamakan a company in Indonesia, (but fictitious). Coba deh look when Mel Gibson and the gang back at headquarters before chatting invaded Uncle Benny. So, Indonesia is described as a country that "always make a mess".

37. Mata Hari
The film is the story about a spy (spy) Dutch (and British?) Javanese-Dutch descent who was born in Java. The film is set in World War II and the title with the name of this mata2. Girls who take advantage of sensuality make nyari data from the enemy.

In the end of this Korean movie the main character cowo buy weapons in Bali in Bali. There visits Bali city traffic (there Bajaj etc.) and the purchase of weapons from people who kimbel2 hair.

39. Miami Vice (TV series)
One episode is revealing the hidden drug smuggling in the pineapple that came from Indonesia.

Movie about the devil who makes a mess of a city of peace. Satan wrote the entire population of pit 1 city. The main players of a policeman. At the end of the movie the devil vowed to take revenge, in cooperation with the police's child in the future (2014), in Jakarta.

41. Never Been Kissed
In this film fits in the classroom scenes, teachers ngasih geography lesson about the island of Bali as "the island nation of Bali". When Drew Barrymore for the first time in class disguised as journalists who were high school students, teacher trus nyebutin Bali as one of the world's cultures.

42. DREAMESCAPES AND Nightmares (TV series)
One of his series nyebutin of a volcano on the island in Borneo (Kalimantan).

In this movie there is scene pas si Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones) bought herbs (spices) for her secret recipe. Trus in the shop there is a restaurant that Indonesia 'Groceries for Indonesia'.

In this film there are scenes of recommended books on Hugh Grant Julia Robert is on the island of Bali ..

In this Japanese drama series, on the 4th episode, the stars, Shizuka reference to Indonesia, the time to see her brother who had said he'd nyoba make business in Indonesia.

Same film starring Keanu Reeves told him about CIA agent who was a surfer chasing the bad guys get to Sumatra, Bali, and finally in Australia when the bad guys want to surf during a storm.

The story of special agent release the hostages, one of the operations is targeted in Indonesia (Jakarta).

48. SANTA BARBARA (TV series)
Drama series in TVRI first, Lionel Lockridge nunjukin Bali handicrafts and he said he often traveled to Bali.

49. Sesame Street (TV series)
Grover one of the characters ever ngenalin about Indonesia, kalo gak salah West Java, about the brief life of one boy in West Java to play beats.

50. Sleeper Cell (2005-2007) (TV series)
This TV series about Darwyn Al-Sayeed, a Muslim African-American who worked as an FBI agent. Darwyn task is to investigate cases of terrorism committed the terrorist organization leader Faris Al-Farik. Told, in the episode "Target and Scholar, Darwyn dealing with student leaders named Eddy Indonesia Pangetsu (Jeff Mallare). Eddy is described as a chemical biologist who recruited Faris Al-Farik to create viruses that spread anthrax in the United States. Interestingly, one of the scenes described the accused Eddy Faris virus smuggled into Indonesia to be sent to his uncle, a local gangster. Okay, our country is now described as intelligent, but likes to fight. Ironically again, Sleeper Cell is a tagline "Friends. Neighbors. Husbands. Terrorists "This was enough attention in the country of origin. The proof, last year the series was nominated for an Emmy Outstanding Miniseries category, as well as a Golden Globe for Best Miniseries.Untungla h, Sleeper Cell menang.Lebih no luck again, the actor Jeff Eddy Mallare also Pangetsu not nominated. So in this film, described Indonesia as a terrorist nest.

51. Smallville (TV series, season 2) (2003)
The film is an American drama series featuring the character of Clark Kent (Superman) during the time of adolescence in the week Smallville, Kansas. Never served on SCTV. In this film his girlfriend Lana, Whitney, died in Aceh's come draft time in the Marines. While on patrol, the vehicle carrying the platoon Whitney and bombarded, bombarded repeatedly blast. The scene resembled a war situation in Iraq. Strangely Aceh gurun2 described as rocks and on the other hand, described the American soldiers who helped ngelawan GAM in Aceh, digambarinnya in rawa2, dtuliskan located in Aceh Indonesia.

The film will lakonnya vacation in Bali. Clearly referred to several times one of the places in Indonesia, namely Bali. Even a few times Kuta beach with the waves surfingnya dishoot, there is the scene early and late-late movie. End of the film, Samuel L. Jackson at the child's surfing in Bali.

In this film there are scenes that show barong masks from Bali in the room when she thinks Orsborne where Green Goblin voice solution.

54. Stranger WITH CANDY
This film is crisp dialogue about:
Cewe: Where you're from?
Cowo: Jakarta, Indonesia
Cewe: What's your name?
Cowo: Megawati Sukarnoputri
Cewe:?? (while ngeliat Poor comment confused into it)
Cowo: What? it's a common name in Indonesia
Such n cewe name last name really comon not hehehe

55. Sweetest THING (2002)
In this psychological drama, the beautiful Cameron Diaz was also "garbage mouth" when complaining that his friends always throw tantrums and disruptive. He casually remarked, "You guys are messed up just like Indonesia". In addition, when Christina Applegate entered the apartment and the apartment cluttered ngeliat dipake ML gila2an by Selma Blair, Christina said gini "this place is a mess like Indonesia". So, the room was like a shipwreck rich equated Indonesia

56. TALDEGA NIGHT: Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Another hilarious movie from Will Ferell. There was a scene neriakin enemy suporter/anak2 with the words "freak that send back to Indonesia!". And the freak himself a gay Frenchman.

The film is a fictional story about the football exploits in his duty CIA agents, however, although fictional, the story was made as realistic as possible field conditions .. One story is about the CIA effort to thwart the coup serorang governors in Kalimantan (hahaha) because it could threaten the assets and the safety of Americans in Indonesia. Abis sih silly story, because it may however not a governor can mobilize the army, what authority? Also described the CIA agents infiltrated Indonesia. There is told one journalist named Diah is a CIA agent, and several other Indonesian people nondescript, such as bakers, unemployment (apparently) turned out to be CIA agents ..

58. THE CONDEMNED (2007)
In the movie, starring Steve Austin tells of a TV producer who made a reality show about 10 people who were forced to fight. These ten people are on death row who purchased from countries third world. They will be placed on a desert island, and had to kill one another. One winner was left to be released from prison and avoid execution. Well, the show was in latitude waters of Indonesia, because many small islands are uninhabited.

Film whose story many archaeologists to Indonesia for the contents nyari island jewel, aktor2 in this movie really say much of Indonesia.

60. THE ISLAND OF DR. Moreau (1996)
Film about obsession with a mad scientist to combine human and animal into a new species. Research locations are in a remote island in Eastern Indonesia. Setting and the story of this film really does not need to "take heart" if it makes no veteran director John Frankenheimer. Indonesia to reinforce his position, even a ship named "Waves Dancer" continues the easy fitting crew would nyampe on the island say there are pake Indonesian. And the name of the ship was upside down. In the written version of the novel H.G. Wells, the ship is in this movie called Ipencacuanha. In the film version, the name of the ship turned into waves Dancers taken from the Wave Dancer. And according to grammar, the translation is supposed Waves Dancer.

61. THE Krakatoa: THE LAST DAYS
In krakatau locations in Indonesia. Bright wrote in Indonesia called on this film.

62. THE O.C. season 2
The story of the Summer so learning for cowonya family ngedeketin. Trus cowonya say "I care not whether you know this was the capital Jakarta Malyasia ..."
The Summer trus say "Jakarta Indonesia's capital city ..."

In this movie the main actor when receiving e-mails from the laptop there is writing Bali Indonesia and Jakarta ..

In the film a psychological thriller starring Jodie Foster was a scene where the man who kidnapped sweater cannibals were the words "MADE IN INDONESIA". Is Indonesia's image as a country that many abductions or because we are producers of textiles?

65. THE UNIT (Season 1, TV series)
Film series about the unity of the anti terrorist unit in one episode settingnya in Medan. But loads of his bloopers, license plate number field F, and not the usual F and Medan city digambarinnya really shabby. Rebels could really speak fluent English pake. By pake Indonesian language like a child just learning to northern Indonesian. The only sentence that Indonesia eloquent when they speak with one of their service (I think he's the real Indonesia).

66. THE YEAR OF Living Dangerously (1982)
This film tells of a journalist who was sent to serve in Jakarta in 1965-1966. At that time, Indonesia led by President Sukarno is experiencing a political crisis and ekonomi.Tak surprise, the situation is very chaotic Jakarta described, complete with frills miserable people from starvation. Enlivened by the acting of Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver. Shooting himself held in Bangkok, because the government is not allowed in Jakarta. (ask why?). Hehehe. As a result although there are some dialogue with Indonesian language, but because the actors are people bangkok, it sounded strange to the ear. The most famous scene when temennya Mel Gibson, Billy Kwan (ni artist cuman girl in this film playing a boy) ngegantungin banner at the Hotel Indonesia (story) by writing SOEKARNO FEED YOUR PEOPLE. As 1982 Oscars, this film won for best artist Linda was Hunt.Fim gak cuman but about nyebutin Indonesia Indonesia. So, in this film, described Indonesia as a country of conflict.

67. Tintin: FLIGHT-747
The film is set in Kemayoran Airport and Lombok.

68. Toute beauté LA DU MONDE
This French film shot in France, Bali, Lombok and Thailand. Pake background music tracks and Joey and Krisdayanti Anang one song.

69. Transformers (cartoon)
Never served on a episode Antv Autobots Decepticon with his war in the rice fields, gara2 Decepticonya again attacked the ceremonial "Lions Depok". I think dah gak decepticonya no work. hehehe. There are also episodes of transformers to Bali opponent colleagues Insecticons Decepticon name that looks insects. Trus farmer suspected Bali, they are a new pest species, they helped trus transformers. There are also scenes, chase the Decepticon transformers, streets jammed because again there is a parade ceremony on Bali which brought offerings. Trus they cut way, way: ngebor mountain.

70. Twin Peaks
TVRI's first serial banget, kalo nyebutin Cockatoo Bird (ato Beo?) From Celebes Indonesia could duplicate all the perfect human voice so could uncover a murder case because of the Beo saw the murder.

This British film starring Sam Neil. The setting Surabaya. Bener-bener bikin Surabaya contrived setting ancient times. They were filming in the area of East Java and Kalimantan.

72. VIPER (TV series)
The film is one of the series ever nyeritain ambassador to Indonesia killed fitting signature of peace agreements. But the actor playing ambassador to Mexico.

Jennifer Lopez's story became a wedding planner who compiled one of its customers perkimpoian honeymoon to Bali.

74. WEST WING (TV series)
A tv series that bersetting white building, with the American president of a fictional President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) and his staff. One episode tells of a white building activity in Indonesia was visited by the president (of course fictional, too) Siguto name (probably meaning Sugito, hahaha). From the beginning of this film Indonesia continues to bad-mouth dijelek, so that could make watching kesel time (hehehe), this time there was a sentence spoken by a White House staff to a staff of other White House: "Be careful not to make the Indonesia offended, or your head will decapitated and paraded around the city ". Staff warning that says he saw on the internet, trus another staff enggak believe.

So fortunately the watch West Wing is also directed to emang gak kalo Indonesia seprimitif believe it. Not to mention the wrong information about Indonesia. Described also that Indonesia is a nation of stupid and could not speak English. Trus, president of Indonesia came to the story (and once again faced the Japanese) but the movements and reminds us of the grammar as president Gus Dur (Hehehe, not know what enggak intentionally). The roles of father and mother as Pres RI Siguto is cuman gets highlighted from behind, which looks jadul abisss. Mr. President pake peci, wife pake kebaya and dikonde hehehe. Bangetss narrow and they may find difficult to wither away, so the director of Asian leveler gitu aja. Diceritain White House staff here nyari translator confused because they say Indonesia speaks in 300 different languages, and say we do not have a national language. Ngaconya Here! Moreover Indonesia's staff story Batak people, and a mess again name: Rahmahidi Sumahijo Bambang (funny time ngucapin bule tuh nih name), where bataknya name? Denger not think anyone ever called Rahmahidi Sumahijo Batak, Javanese people think aja ga ada.

When the president's press conference, the staff did an informal meeting and their translator nyari dizzy because there could be 1 person Batak language, and he was Portuguese, but the ga tuh be English, so in this film their story finally nyari for 2 people Portugis, Portugis-> Batak." onmouseover="this.style.backgroundColor='#ebeff9'" onmouseout="this.style.backgroundColor='#fff'">translate English-> Portuguese, Portuguese-> Batak. They tried to explain if they will help the Indonesian economy provided some political prisoners released. Fortunately, a good ending to this movie. As they struggled to speak Batak and Portuguese, suddenly, the staff of Indonesia's Bambang this (that this expression .. emang ga melayu Indonesia beneran know what ..) that speak English and cursing the white house staff "you think Our nation is stupid?

You think we do not know what you think of our nation and what we think you can not speak English? We understand all your words even your direction of our president's speech is understood. But we are a sovereign nation. Do you mentang-mentang strong state offhand manage our domestic policies. Mind your domestic affairs. And one thing, instead we follow your wishes, we'd rather not have helped at all ". Bagus banget endingnya.
Unfortunately it's just in the movies ...

75. xXx (read: Triple X)
Soundtracknya fit in time-out dive in the field of cocaine is a sentence of Indonesia, who sang it `Fermin Iv '004 title (CERO CERO Cuatro): en el Bar Fly pasa lo mismo, algo me lleva a una Tienda de Ropa de Indonesia, ¡Bamboleo !. If not mistaken, that the Spanish language in English means something like this: Fly in the bar the same it happens, something takes me to a store of clothes of Indonesia.

76. 24 (TV series)
In one series there was one shot villains who want to escape to Indonesia.

In the movie 28 Days later (not 28 weeks later loh ..) this early in the film, when the monkeys in the laboratory were treated to scenes of violence, one of which was the scene of the May riots in Indonesia 98.

78. 3000 GRACE MILES
The film, starring Kevin Costner is fit again pake ledakin gas station Super Djarum cigarettes Made in Indonesia.

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